County Government App Challenge

What is the County Government App Challenge?

The County Government App Challenge provides geospatial coders, developers, designers, storytellers, and other interested parties the opportunity to build a location-based app for Kenya’s 47 counties. The counties are part of Kenya’s devolved government system which has been enacted under its new 2010 constitution.  Some government functions that have been devolved to the counties are agriculture, health, planning and development, and transportation.

Counties are seeking to utilize geospatial technology with the acquisition of surveying equipment and the development of GIS labs. However, a review of county government websites reveals a lack of public-facing maps and apps, that empower the citizenry through relevant information services. In addition, county governments could miss out on the opportunity to engage the public in participatory planning and development that would meet the hopes and aspirations of the people.

County Government Needs Your Ideas

This Location-based App Challenge for County Government gives you the opportunity to bring projects to life withing the thematic areas that are the responsibility of the county government. We are looking forward to your creative and innovative applications that will make a difference to the local communities and showcase the unique value of geospatial technology.

Regardless of your age, background, or experience, this is your opportunity to come to grips with cutting-edge geospatial technology and build solutions to the real-world problems that county governments in Kenya are facing.

Who Can Participate?

Anyone can participate in the App Challenge, but it is expected that you have an interest in geospatial technology, are creative, and have a knack for solving real-world problems. We specifically want to reach out to university students, fresh graduates, and young professionals who are eager to learn and to contribute to the geospatial industry and the community at large.

Great solutions are often built by people who think out of the box, and your ability to work in a cross-functional team with people from various backgrounds will be a critical success factor.

Why Does GAK Organize App Challenges?

Geospatial Advocacy Kenya (GAK) has been advocating for the widespread adoption of geospatial technology in all spheres of life through media & communications, events, and policy advocacy. Students, fresh graduates, and young professionals have been some of our biggest supporters since they are eager to make a difference. Unfortunately, the opportunities for meaningful employment are very limited to poor economic conditions and resistance towards change. The App Challenge gives them the opportunity to hone their skills and show the world what they can do.

When and Where?

The County Government App Challenge will be running for a period of 6 weeks from Monday 10 February until Saturday 21 March, when teams will build and submit their location-based app for judging. During this 6-week period, several meetings might be held so that team members get together and learn valuable skills. Judging will take place after the submission deadline of 21 March by an imminent panel of judges. This will culminate in an award-ceremony which is tentatively scheduled for 26 March at a location in Nairobi.

How Do You Sign up?

To participate in the County Government App Challenge, you must be a member of a team that consists of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 people. We don’t welcome individual contributions since we encourage teamwork and believe that teams produce better results. The team composition is entirely open, so team members could be fellow students, professional colleagues, or even friends and family.

Note that you are restricted to one entry in the App Challenge and won’t be allowed to a member of multiple teams. So get into your teams and sign up for the App Challenge today by completing the County Government App Challenge sign-up form.