What is Geospatial?

Geospatial refers to the concepts, technologies, and practices used in the collection, management, analysis, visualization, dissemination, and use of geospatial data, also known as geodata or location data. Constituent technologies include Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) and Surveying, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Spatial Analytics, Earth Observation, and 3D Scanning. With use cases shifting to data for action and decision-making, these technologies are converging and becoming more integrated.

What is Geospatial Advocacy?

Geospatial Advocacy supports, promotes, and advances the development and implementation of geospatial technologies and best practices. This entails communication and engagement with industry stakeholders, public outreach on technology benefits and use cases, and working with the government to address industry challenges and issues through policy interventions.

What is Geospatial Advocacy Kenya?

Geospatial Advocacy Kenya is an umbrella organization that seeks to support, promote, and advance the geospatial industry in Kenya by working with all industry stakeholders and practitioners. It endeavors to profile, extend, and complement the activities undertaken by government, academic institutions, NGOs, private businesses, and other interest groups like ISK (Institution of Surveyors of Kenya) and GSK (Geospatial Society of Kenya).

Why was Geospatial Advocacy Kenya created?

Geospatial Advocacy Kenya was created to represent the common interests of Kenya’s emerging geospatial industry. It gives the industry a unified voice towards external stakeholders like government, development partners, and media, and a mechanism for addressing internal strife, poor business alignment, and lack of professionalism.

Who is involved in Geospatial Advocacy Kenya?

The activities of Geospatial Advocacy Kenya are currently overseen by Willy Simons, Eric Nyadimo, and Prof. Simon Onywere. Each of them has contributed significantly to the growth of Kenya’s geospatial industry. Key industry stakeholders and a sizeable number of geospatial practitioners have joined the Geospatial Advocacy Kenya WhatsApp group and Slack community.

How is Geospatial Advocacy Kenya constituted?

Geospatial Advocacy Kenya started as an informal initiative to engage Kenya’s growing community of geospatial businesses and practitioners. A steering committee that will represent all key sub-sectors of Kenya’s geospatial industry is under development. When formed, the steering committee should determine how Geospatial Advocacy Kenya can be constituted as a nonprofit organization in the form of a society or NGO.

What issues/challenges will Geospatial Advocacy Kenya address?

  • Lack of dialogue between the government and the geospatial industry that could foster growth-oriented policies and effective use of geospatial technologies in national development planning.
  • Poor alignment between strategic business challenges and local industry solutions resulting in missed opportunities for economic growth and enhanced service delivery.
  • Inadequate presentation of expert opinions from the geospatial industry in news, media, and events which sustains widespread ignorance about geospatial technology and its applications.
  • Lack of a geospatial industry association that promotes networking and collaboration, education and training, and professional standards and conduct to the benefit of all industry stakeholders.

What activities will Geospatial Advocacy Kenya undertake?

Geospatial Advocacy Kenya maintains a WhatsApp group and Slack community to foster communication and engagement within the geospatial community. We are also developing a website that provides relevant information to the general public. Over time Geospatial Advocacy Kenya plans to extend its communication services, publish industry articles, newsletters, and magazines, organize geospatial events and meetups, and play a key role in geospatial policy advocacy.

How can you get involved in Geospatial Advocacy Kenya?

Start by joining the ongoing conversation on our WhatsApp group and Slack community. If you are organizing or wish to promote a relevant event to the geospatial community you can Post an Event on our website. We are in the process of adding information to our website and setting up additional activities, but you are most welcome to send us your suggestions and proposals.